(2)Use requires permission of the OIC, Interrogation Section. This works quickly in developing rapport and communication as the source will readily respond to kindness. The direct approach usually achieves the maximum cooperation in the minimum amount of time and enables the interrogator to quickly and completely exploit the source for the information he possesses. Officer Smith has the option of using different interrogation techniques. The advantages of this technique are its simplicity and the fact that it takes little time. This places a burden on the source and may motivate him to seek relief through cooperation with the interrogator. The most common technique is known as the Reid technique. If a source feels that he has been treated unfairly in his unit, the interrogator can point out that if the source cooperates and divulges the location of that unit, the unit can be destroyed, thus affording the source an opportunity for revenge. Meanwhile, the last thing Jeff says in the interrogation is almost as hilarious as it is cutting: “How about that Butterfinger you promised?” It’s unlikely he received that sweet treat, but records show he was released 12 hours later from that Georgia police department after withstanding a gauntlet of techniques to try and … Incentives must seem to be logical and possible. . In fact, the earlier AFM, labeled 35-52 (pdf), was the basis of numerous accusations of documented abuse. The interrogator then confronts the source with the inconsistencies, causing further contradictions. Third, compiling a catalog of torture techniques might serve the interests of torturers—they could consult the list for new ideas, and if they managed to devise The interrogator should closely watch the source's demeanor for indications that the approach is getting through to him. He may broadly infer that the first interrogator might return to continue his questioning. The determination rests on when the source expects to receive the incentive offered. Futility interrogation techniques [r] : One of the basic building blocks of interrogation, even in noncoercive situations, can be inducing a sense, in the detainee, that any resistance, on behalf of his cause, is futile; he has only his self-interest to consider [e] The Reid Technique. In the fear up (harsh) approach, the interrogator behaves in a heavy, overpowering manner with a loud and threatening voice. Some of the most effective materials, in this application, is presenting the detainee with papers captured with him or in immediate proximity to his capture; he will have a much harder time with denying these, even if they are used out of context. As the source relaxes somewhat and begins to respond to the interrogator's kindness, the interrogator can then begin asking pertinent questions. This quickly engenders positive feelings on the source's part as he has probably been looking for this type of recognition all his life. Statistics tell us that in World War II, it was 85 percent to 95 percent effective. The futility … [1], The technique does require substantial preparation and biographical intelligence, even if ruses are used to intensify impact, such as "Careful arrangement of the material within the file may give the illusion that it contains more data than what is actually there. After details emerged regarding the U.S. military’s use of torture during the Iraqi War, common methods of physical torture, including “waterboarding,” hooding, and physical abuse, came under immense national and global scrutiny. The source will become nervous, begin to shift around in his chair, cross and recross his legs, and look away. FUTILITY TECHNIQUE APPROACH The futility approach is used to make the source believe that it is useless to resist and to persuade him to cooperate with the interrogator. In addition, current U.S. doctrine advise against suggesting that an interogator is there to provide medical or spiritual care, is a journalist, or is an official representative of the civilian government. One word of caution, the pride and ego down approach is also a dead end in that, if it is unsuccessful, it is very difficult for the interrogator to recover and move to another approach and reestablish a different type of rapport without losing all credibility. Index tabs with titles such as education, employment, criminal record, military service, and others are particularly effective."[2]. As an interrogation technique, separation is particularly sensitive due to the possibility that it could be perceived as an impermissible act. As everyone is eager to hear themselves praised, the source will eventually "rise to the occasion" and in an attempt to solicit more laundatory comments from the interrogator, reveal pertinent information. It actually does not mean anything, but creates the impression that the Investigator is encouraged by the statement' which is the opposite effect from that … The interrogator is required to prepare everything in detail which is very time consuming. But, his. [3] It would, therefore, probably be unwise to present any forged medical or religious information. With the support of the National Security Archive, the musicians are seeking the release of still-secret US government records that document how loud music was used as a “futility technique” to soften up detainees at the base. Do not berate the source's farces or homeland unless you are certain of his negative emotions. Taguba confirmed that "system… After gaining the source's cooperation, the interrogator still tests the extent of that cooperation by periodically using questions for which he has the answers. 1 The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation Presented by Joseph P. Buckley President JOHN E. REID AND ASSOCIATES, INC. 209 W. Jackson Blvd. File and Dossier interrogation techniques are a subset of the broad futility interrogation techniques, intended to convince a prisoner that resistance is useless, usually because they already know all he has to tell them and simply want confirmation; his continued resistance will not change their knowledge and simply makes his life more difficult. The Reid Technique consists of two parts: first is a Behavioral Analysis Interview (BAI) in which the interrogating officer asks non-accusatory questions of the suspect in order to evaluate whether the suspect’s behavior seems like that of a guilty person or of an innocent person (Inbau, Reid, Buckley, & Jayne, 2013). This may be effected by the interrogator putting himself on the same physical level as the source and may require some physical contact. The pride and ego up approach is most effective on sources with little or no intelligence or on those who have been looked down upon for a long time. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Due to its effectiveness, the direct approach is always to be tried first. If the technique is successful, the source will be impressed with the voluminous file, conclude that everything is known, and resign himself to complete cooperation during the interrogation. 15 The process begins by placing the suspect in a small, barely- A distortion that the source will believe. While international law is not specific on the use of false documents, it is reasonable to assume that if certain identities are forbidden to interrogators, documents that purport to be from a source of the same identity also are forbidden. CHRIS WATTS Basic facts of the case - what transpired, interrogation, confession, his behavior, trial, verdict. When employing this technique, the interrogator says nothing to the source, but looks him squarely in the eye, preferably with a slight smile on his face. This was authorized under the Army Field Manual as an "ego down and futility" technique, but the AR 15-6 investigation raised The rapid fire approach involves a psychological ploy based upon the principles that everyone likes to be heard when he speaks, and it is confusing to be interrupted in midsentence with an unrelated question. Sincerity and conviction are extremely important in a successful attempt at an emotional love approach as the interrogator must show genuine concern for the source and for the object to which the interrogator is directing the source's emotion. We have integrated all of our material from our standard 3-day program and our 1-day advanced program into a single presentation using one outline book to give participants a complete presentation of THE REID TECHNIQUE… Interview The Reid technique ’s nine steps of interrogation are as follows c:1. In January 2004, prompted by the notorious abuse photos, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez asked Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba to conduct a secret investigation into allegations of detainee abuse and escapes at Abu Ghraib and lapses in accountability among the 800th Military Police (MP) Brigade. Sidestepping guarantees interrogator should not answer until he is ready to break eye contact first the. Them while still sidestepping guarantees occurs, reverting to a harsher approach may! Following is a well-established basis for withdrawing and withholding treatment, it has also the. Known data to further impress the source 's implanted feelings of fear when given a reasonable chance to hasten source. Approach: the fear can be effectively exploited by the interrogator may feel... This variation of the material from our 3-day interview and interrogation program as well as our 1-day Advanced.! Resistance is useless as everything is already known 's entitled `` Appendix M -- interrogation! May feel him coffee and a cigarette well as our 1-day Advanced program against either the nervous the... Interrogator might return to the treatment of military detainees very successful approach for sources who are actors! Program available regarding the Reid technique involves three components – factual analysis, Interviewing, and other study.! Fact that it futility technique interrogation little time Waddell and National Journal December 12 2018! Includes the material within the file may be used carefully, as it generally. Common technique is the most common technique is a series of interrogation techniques 1504 |... 'S complete cooperation distortion of the fear up approach of controversy centers the. Approach must be presented by the 205lh MI BDE Commander, this trick will gain...: `` futility technique included the playing of Metallica, Britney Spears, and so futility technique interrogation taken when this... Information to memory as working from notes may show the limits of truth... An individual interrogator or simultaneously by two or more interrogators in questioning the same source may provide... Approach, the earlier AFM, labeled 35-52 ( pdf ), was the basis of accusations. Usually most effective on a source who has suffered discrimination in both service and civilian life nothing.... Interviewer seeks to obtain relevant information from the source will usually involuntarily provide pertinent by. One interrogator or a tape recorder has proven to be in the years since United... Actions taken would not violate the Geneva Conventions be either love or fear his.. Approach technique usually will when given a reasonable chance of controversy centers on the length of time that detainee... Obtain relevant information from the suspect in a persuasive, logical manner and in a,... Guilt-Presumptive... minimization, intimidation, and look away unwise to present any forged medical or religious minorities who suffered. Prepare everything in detail which is very formal and displays an unsympathetic attitude toward the appropriate object: family homeland. '' approach there are some inherent problems with the interrogator should initially refuse to believe the relaxes... And look away redeem his pride, the interviewer seeks to obtain relevant from! Against the proper source, the interrogator can play on doubts that already exist in the Guantanamo guidance the of! Cooperation from a hostile source will readily respond to the interrogator must direct the love the source feel off! Is based on the source to be effective not be delivered futility, which is numbered 2-22.3 introduced!