The curse that came soon after would be for humans use the tools that the Annunaki had created. We can debate the technologies but it gives some credence to the idea that humanity was created as a slave race. Humanity sought to use these tools for their own was. Sitchin believes that fallout from nuclear weapons used during a war between factions of the extraterrestrials is the “evil wind” that destroyed Ur around 2000 BC (Sitchin himself claims the exact year is 2024 BC), as recorded in the Lament for Ur. However, Sitchin’s supporters maintain it would explain Earth’s peculiar early geography due to cleaving from the celestial collision—i.e. En-men-gal-ana ruled for 28,800 years. Their work often took them away from the other Elohim, leaving them somewhat separate and having time to develop different beliefs from their angelic brethren. Annunaki In The Bible; Nephilim; Enki & Enlil; Anu; Zecharia Sitchin. The reason for their … The Greeks named the region Mesopotamia (The land between two rivers), most of which lies in the modern state of Iraq. The genetic alterations, modification and cross hybrid technologies was not capable of what the Annunaki sorceress believed. I have a confession.. My bloodline is rh negative and I’m a golden skinned man. All of these may be partial bloodline decendants, just to name a few of the supposed lineage survivors of the Annunaki. “The Demiurge must now Fall” was the only command ever given by Lucifer. Many believe that the Annunaki extracted massive amounts of gold using human labor — this is derived from multiple discoveries of ancient mining tunnels in South Africa, as well as relics and links to the Sumerians. 12. The Annunaki were the fifth house of angels, and the only group to present themselves at the Fall ofhumanity. Their fascination with the heavens is apparent in the large number of seals and cuneiform clay tablets unearthed of an astronomical nature. This is what many scholars believe the Annunaki came to sustain themselves on after the flood, that they are now psychic parasites who use us as food. It was the nephilim who caused the downfall of humanity, and the Annunaki realized they had made their most bitter mistake in a misguided attempt to once again attain humanity’s love. The resentment that many Annunaki always felt towards the Creator and their suspicions that he or it, was actually a Demiurge. The newcomers, who became known as Sumerians, spoke an agglutinative language unrelated apparently to any other known language. The term Annunaki means ‘those who from the heavens came.” This is entirely wrong. The ‘Plain of the Land of Shinar’ is the territory which after 2,000 B.C. Genesis 6:4. When the first murder occurred, the many of Annunaki were among the first to turn from Lucifer decree and peaceful ways. The Malefactors took up arms with humanity, sharing in the spoils of war, but not fight against the remaining Iron Legion. Annunaki are responsible for creating most weapons of modern war. Annunaki understanding of gravitation and physics would be beyond gifted. Annunaki are unsure how to react to many human emotions. But it did alter humans in another way, it made our genetics into a stable and viable food source, through the mingling of the bloodlines. Anunnaki (go to 2:32:52 in the video). Originally the Annunaki had no intentions of try to inhabit, influence and they did not even intend on having any control over the world we live in. He believes that because of these contacts with aliens, Sumerians had advanced technologies for that time, there is evidence that Sumerians had the highest knowledge about agriculture and astronomy. 1 king; he ruled for 28,800 years. That humanity was to remain ignorant of the first creation of the Universe, the Annunaki, the original Abyss and many other things. Opinions matter. Annunaki take things very personally and take rejection very hard. The Sumerian civilization developed on the Persian Gulf, growing to strength at around 4 – 3,000 B.C. After eons of delay, during which they shaped the Earth and all of its forces, fields, and landforms, but they were still demanding more time for the project. It is assumed that this work, although complex, happened at a very high rate of time. Anunnaki understanding of gravitation and physics would be beyond gifted. by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Sitchin claims that his research coincides with many biblical texts, and that the biblical texts come originally from the Sumerian writings of their history. Either way the Annunaki had seen this before. The first Sumerian ruler of the historical record, Etana, king of Kish (flourished about 2,800 BC), was described in a document written centuries later as the “man who stabilized all the lands.” The early dynastic period of Sumer covers the part of the third millennium from 2,800 to 2,400 BC, and ends with the conquest of Sumer by a Semitic king of the north, Sargon I of Akkad. The Annunaki “Those Of Royal Blood” are believed to be immortal gods that inhabited the earth during the Ancient Sumerian time in Mesopotamia. Humankind was as divided and caught up in the propoganda of the Fall as anyone. Contact: The Sumerians! 9. Annunaki are overly self conscious especially about their bodies.

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